Alata Samina Black Soap

Do you want to purchase some Alata Samina black soap? Welcome to Totally Natural Skincare. We are a committed business, based in the heart of the country, that is proud to have some of the highest quality products available for you to purchase. Ever since we were founded over 16 years ago, our team have been very devoted to all the work they do and have obtained a wealth of experience in our field - so you know we are the business you need to go to.

Here at Totally Natural Skincare, all of our products are handmade by our in-store aromatherapist and herbalist, and will provide you with some outstanding results and benefits. Our African Black Soap (Alata Samina), is our most popular variant of Alata Samina black soap and is a traditional West African soap made from roast cocoa pods and unrefined shea butter. It is famous as a very gentle soap traditionally used on sensitive skin, the perfect way to cleanse and moisturise in one, while drawing impurities from the skin.

All of our products are designed and handmade by Suzanna and Milo Thelwall. Suzanna is an aromatherapist, clinical herbalist and flower essence practitioner, who has worked with plant medicine for the last 18 years. Whereas, Milo is an aromatherapist, shiatsu practitioner and works with plant spirit medicines. They have an excellent reputation for their customer advocacy and reliability, which we hold great pride in upholding with each of the clients they work with.

Are you looking to buy some Alata Samina black soap? You need to visit the Totally Natural Skincare website today. However, if you have any questions or queries regarding any of our products, give us a call on 01947 606565 to have a chat with a member of our excellent customer service team and they will be able to answer any questions you may have.