Are you Looking for Effective Aching Joint Gel?

Welcome to Totally Natural Skin Care, we are a passionate team of aromatherapists that have dedicated over 16 years to develop a range of skin care products, herbal remedies, pain relief products and more. All of our items in stock are made from completely natural ingredients and are suitable for all skin types so that everyone can have the opportunity to reap the benefits of using clean and nourishing products. 


Our products are all handmade by our leading professionals, Suzanna and Milo Thelwall who each have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the beauty industry and have spent countless hours in thoroughly immersing themselves into the craft, making some of the most fantastic products. When it comes to our aching joint gel, we have a product that is infused with arnica and essential oils including cypress, ginger, juniper, lavender as well as sweet marjoram. These specific ingredients were carefully selected as they contain various anti-aching and anti-inflammatory properties that have been proven to help support skin and muscle tissue for quick repairs. No matter how big or small your concerns may be, we guarantee that this amazing product will be sure to make a dramatic difference within a matter of weeks to your body.


Cypress oil is used for treating muscle cramps and strains as well as wounds and infections, the ginger oil is ideal for soothing aches as it targets pain to relieve discomfort quickly. Juniper oils are calming for swollen areas and lavender is commonly known to have a natural antiseptic property to treat inflammation. Lastly, sweet marjoram oil is used to relax blood vessels to promote better flow and relieve pressure from painful areas, so whether you are struggling with arthritis, sports injuries, broken bones, fractures or more, you can be confident in knowing that this is the perfect product for you. If you feel like gel products are not for you, we have an arnica oil alternative available, this product contains all of the same ingredients apart from the aloe vera gel which allows it to glide on smoothly. Both of these fantastic items have been our best sellers for the last 15 years.


Here at Totally Natural Skin Care, we take great pride in being a vegan, eco-friendly business that does not test on animals and uses only biodegradable packing and bubble wrap made from plants. Our products including the aching joint gel, meets all of the current EU legislation and any palm oil used is recommended to us from the WWF, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing a high-quality product that you can trust. So if you are interested in buying our aching joint gel, shop online with us today or call 01947 606565 and we will be happy to help with anything you may need. For any inquiries, email and our customer service team will be in touch with you shortly to answer your questions and assist you in any way they can.