1 months supply of mixed Herbs Of Grace Formula

1 months supply of mixed Herbs Of Grace Formula

1 months supply of mixed Herbs Of Grace Formula


£65 powdered / £100 capsuled.

A personal mixture of Herbs Of Grace formula for systematic self-healing. Enough for 1 month. Please consult a practitioner, or book an appointment with Suzanna. This is a bespoke mixture of typically around 6-9 formula to balance the inner ecology. The formula are hand-made in small quantities with organic, fair wild and biodynamic herbs, so that the nutrients are alive and powerful in action.

This is a flat rate which covers:

  • 30g of each of your Herbs of Grace formula for the month mixed together. If you need any of the formula separately let me know. 

  • A bach flower essence blend if required

  • You can list the formula and flower essences in the notes section, or email mutopia@hotmail.co.uk

Teas can be bought here https://www.totallynaturalskincare.co.uk/collections/herbs-teas 

Extra herbs can be bought here https://www.totallynaturalskincare.co.uk/collections/dry-herbs

Larger quantities of individual formula are available here https://www.totallynaturalskincare.co.uk/collections/herbs-of-grace-formula

If you are a student or practitioner from The School Of Natural Medicine you are eligible for a 10% discount, please email mutopia@hotmail.co.uk for the discount code.

If you are a practitioner using the Herbs of Grace formula with your clients you will qualify for the 20% practitioner discount, so get in touch.